Snail mail

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Click here for Strictly English snail mail form

(1) Please print this form and post it with your cheque.
(2) Write YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS on the back of your cheque
(3) Make your cheque payable to MOONGLOW

Post your cheque and form to: Moonglow, BCM Box 7889, London, WC1N 3XX



(1) Payment: We accept bank cheques, postal orders, money orders, or personal cheques (Please allow an extra week for personal cheque clearance).

Prices: Check on the prices page. Click here

(3) Postage and packing is included in all prices unless otherwise stated.
(4) Moonglow DVDs: All titles are available on DVD-video only. Some titles that were available separately on videotape have been combined on DVD.
(5) UK format (PAL): All DVDs ordered on this form will be supplied in European (PAL) format, unless requested otherwise.

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