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MOONGLOW NEWS   The Moonglow Cinema Database has been extensivelly updated. Click HERE for more informaation.
Canings and Consequences
by George Harlow
  Ebook only; click left to buy from Amazon.
This is a semi-biographical book from the director of Moonglow about two young women who like to be caned, for very different reasons. (Click here to buy)
The Moonglow Spanking Club (Members only)   Temporarily Suspended due to lockdown
All About Spanking   Free information for the enthusiast of the chastised female bottom. This section covers a wide range of real life spanking situations, and discusses why the interest in spanking the bottom of a nubile female is so strong.
  Memories of a Strict Uncle The proud thoughts of Nick Urzdown; vivid memories of a spanking good life.
    Film Spankings mainly from Eastern Europe and the Far East
STREAMING   Over 90 Moonglow DVDs may be streamed at, a major streaming site. To watch these videos click HERE.
Our Clips4sale stores Spanked Women
(Moonglow)   Erotic Spanking
    Caning The English Way
    Whipped and Bound
    All Girl Punishment and Pleasure
    Club Corporal
    Classic Spanking
(Wellspanked)   Wellspanked
The Tutor's Study
    Uniform Spanking
    Women Spanking Men
    Women Spanking Boys
Late Night Reading   Spanking Stories
Caneworld   The History and Application of the Cane. See CaneWorld.
Spanking Art   Visit PoseCPArt
The Moonglow Girls    Meet the Moonglow girls 
Why Spanking    Why Spanking, A short look at real life spanking 
    Do Women Like to be Spanked? (clip)
    The History of Spanking, a 2,500 year old pastime
    Sex Tips for Girls (clip)  
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