C13:  Spanking Dreams

Part One: Six of the Best   Glamorous Alison has found a job at a conference centre, but soon runs foul of the No Smoking rule. Delightful in her red uniform, she gets six of the best from the supervisor. Then she is sent to her room to recompose herself. On the bed, she falls asleep. Disappointed in the caning, she dreams about how it should have been done, her shapely bottom high in the air, she takes a further twelve strokes.

Part Two: Maid for the Birch   Colonel Kensington is having trouble with his maid; at breakfast one morning she slams down her keys on the table and storms out. Stunned, he sinks into a day-dream, wondering how his worthy grand-father would have handled the situation. The solution would have been the brisk application of the birch and that is what the good Colonel proceeds to dream. We see him apply the birch with great gusto to the charming bottom of the errant maid as she holds her bloomers wide open.

Part Three: Count Spankula   The voluptuous Tracey reads too many horror magazines. One evening Count Spankula arrives in her bed-room looking for taste of young blood. The best blood is from a recently spanked bottom of a young lady. He gives Tracey a thorough spanking until her bottom is hot and glowing red. The rest is obvious!

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Part One:   Six of the Best





Part Two:  Maid for the Birch





Part Three:   Count Spankula